Patrick O’Keefe, auteur de Managing online forums : « A successfull community creates values »

headshotpatrick Patrick OKeefe, auteur de Managing online forums : A successfull community creates valuesPatrick O’Keefe est l’un des meilleurs experts des communautés et l’auteur de l’ouvrage de référence des forums, « Managing online forums ». Dans cette interview, il rappelle les fondamentaux du métier : être proche de sa communauté, favoriser, faciliter et encourager les échanges qui s’y créent. Un travail passionnant, mais long et difficile, et qui nécessite aussi beaucoup d’humilité et de courage.

Why and how did you become « Mister Forum »?
Well, if that’s the title that you give me, I’ll gladly blush with embarrassment, appreciate and accept it. :)

I started managing forums about 9 years ago. I had been a moderator on other forums previously and a user of them for even longer. I started dabbling in website development in the mid-90s and started doing it “professionally” in the fall of 1998. Eventually, I started toying around with my own websites and I launched a set of forums for one of them in 2000 – the first forums that I myself was directly responsible for.

From there, I just gained experience, moment by moment, post by post, spammer by spammer and I continued to launch more sites and grow my network. My day to day experiences over the past 9 years are what have shaped who I am as an administrator today.

Why do you enjoy managing online communities -and especially forums?
There are different reasons. Certainly there are business reasons – I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit. But, beyond that, it’s just something that I have a passion for.

I enjoy creating environments and seeing people enjoy them for what they are.

When members are discussing an otherwise controversial topic in a respectful manner, I dig that. When someone asks a “newbie” question and gets helped in a kind and encouraging manner, I dig that. When someone tells me that our community has helped them to do something or accomplish something that they had doubted of themselves previously, I dig that, too.

Do you think you would be as successful if you were using blogs instead for building communities (or any other community tools)?
Sure, why not? Blogs can be and are communities. Forums and blogs have a lot in common ( It depends on what I wanted to do and what the community is about. Different things work for different people and different people have different goals.

What are the other tools you like to use for building online communities?
Right now, between my forums and blogs, I am using phpBB, WordPress, Nucleus CMS and a custom programmed solution or two. We also have some minimal presence on third party sites like Facebook and Twitter, and one of my blogs has a really nice following on Twitter.

Do you think that what « works » for online forums would work for blogs or groups as well?
Yes and no. It depends on what aspect we are talking about. However, to some things, it is undoubtedly yes. Some of the principles that apply to managing an online forum would certainly apply to managing a blog or group, as well.

Your book is considered as the « Bible » if you run online forums. Did you write it because you hadn’t any resources to refer to or because you wanted to share your expertise?
Wow, thanks so much for the kind words. That means a lot to me.

The latter reason is definitely why I wrote the book. I really wanted to share my experiences managing online communities – the good and the bad. I included every single thing I’ve dealt with that I could think of.

This isn’t a book where I try to get people to buy into the idea of online community and only talk about the positive. It’s also not a book where I try to scare people away from creating an online community. It’s simply a book where I create accurate, realistic expectations.

I wanted it to be a book for those who manage online communities. Not just a book for people who are new to the field, but a book that anyone could gain from. I’m always learning and adding to my experience – every day.

How looks like your average day?
I have a routine that is programmed into my brain. It starts with me checking my e-mail, answering all of them (except for the ones requiring a visit to one of my forums, which I save for my next visit, usually). I’ll then head to Bloglines and read through the feeds I’m subscribed to, which relate to the blogs that I write for, looking for stories to share. I write blog posts as appropriate.

After that, I’ll go through my forums. First, I read and reply to any private messages or post reports. Next, I look at the private forums, reading any new posts (which includes documentation for any posts that have been removed and members that have violated our guidelines) and reply as appropriate.

I’ll then go through the public forums and read various topics and reply where appropriate and maybe start a topic or two if I can. Outside of checking a handful of other sites and taking care of any new e-mail, that’s the end of the routine.

Beyond that, my time is spent on further development and software based adjustments and improvements, responding to messages, monetization, business stuff and everything else that goes into running a website.

How do you generate traffic within and from your forums?
I take a rather laid back approach. I got this from Sean “Diddy” Combs, but I like to say that I am a marathon runner and not a sprinter. I’m not so much caught up with numbers. So, while I do spend some time on promotion, rather directly or indirectly, it’s not a major focus for me.

I generate traffic through various means. Some of these include creating a good product and ensuring that it is maintained, making sure that search engines can index the site, cross promotion between the sites in my network and with other sites and a lot of other small things, as well.

What are your 5 favorites ways to engage people on your forums?
I don’t know that I have five favorite things. I like to follow the flow of discussion. Ask questions, share thoughts, express appreciation. I like to randomly send a private message to members who are doing cool things, as well, to let them know that I appreciate it.

What are the 5 things a forum manager should do every day?
Vacations and days off aside (since we all need those), five things that come to mind are visiting, responding to messages sent directly to you, monitoring your staff and any content they remove, participating in discussions and thanking someone.

How do you measure forums’ successes? Quantity, quality of posts, number of active users,…?
As I said earlier, I’m not really a numbers guy. Number based milestones are awesome and we announce, share, honor and appreciate them, but at the end of the day, I just want the community to create value and if it does that, it’s a success.

Can an online forums manager be creative?
Absolutely. It’s a part of the job. From creating guidelines and dealing with problems, to making design decisions and talking with members, there is a certain amount of creativity in all of it. If you saw the e-mail I sent to a banned user this morning, you’d see I was creatively telling him he is an idiot (of course, I never used those words or inferred such a thing).

What are the main achievements your online communities did and make you pride of?
As I said, number based milestones are nice and meaningful. Being mentioned in books and in print and online publications is cool, as well. I would draw more on the examples I provided earlier – of respectful discussion, of helping people, of realizing our goals for the environment of the site, those are achievements.

Another thing I’m particularly proud of is what members of my staff have gone on to do and opportunities that have been created for some people because of their participation on my team.

Forum seems to be the only technology that has not evolve a lot. How do you explain it and what are your forecasts about forums?
I think that forums have evolved plenty. I mean, really, what do you want out of them? At their core, they are text based communication. The purpose stays similar, but the technology evolves and that is generally how it should be.

Take a look at forum software in 2000 and forum software in 2009. There are going to be a lot of differences. I mean, I remember Matt’s BBS, way back in the day. Threaded messages, no user accounts… it was rough. The software has come a long way and will only get better.

As far as a forecast for the future, what I would say is that it’s hard for me to see a time, in my lifetime, where we won’t want to talk things over via text. Without seeing or hearing the other person. As such, forums will remain an important part of the foundation of the social web.

When you look at hot buzz tools or brands, like a MySpace or a Facebook, if you look close enough, you’ll see forum like components. This is natural. Sometimes, the various forms of social media have more in common than is realized.

How do you explain that online communities attract so many people (companies,…) today?
It just makes sense. People want to talk, people want to be heard, people want to share and help. Companies want to be more effective, to offer good customer service, to save money.

People have been doing it offline since the beginning of time. The internet is just an extension of that, with all it’s pluses and all of it’s negatives. The internet is a reflection of real life, if sometimes exaggerated.

What are your favorites blogs & forums about community management?
My favorite blogs would be Martin Reed’s Community Spark (, Jake McKee’s Community Guy (, Ted Sindzinski’s Modern Insider (, Jason Falls’ Social Media Explorer ( and Angela Connor’s blog (

Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger ( is a great blog, as well. Some would say it’s not about community management, but much of what he talks about is and Darren is an awesome community builder.

As far as forums, the only one I really frequent right now is (, which I run.

What about books that online community specialists should absolutely read?
I think that you can do it without books – I did! :) But, where books come in is in sharing the experiences of others and giving you a leg up and that is where a great deal of value that can be found.

There are plenty of great books out there on related subjects and/or books written by people that have a lot of share that would be useful, like “Online Marketing Inside Out” by Brandon Eley and Shayne Tilley (I was an expert reviewer on that one), “e-Riches 2.0” by Scott Fox, “Designing the Digital Experience” by David Lee King, “Lifehacker” by Gina Trapani, “ProBlogger” by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett, “The Power of Less” by Leo Babuata, “18 Rules of Community Engagement” by Angela Connor  and “Thank You and You’re Welcome” by Kanye West with J. Sakiya Sandifer and others.

Not all of those are tech books, some of those are about productivity (very important) and having the right mental state. Rawn Shah of IBM is working on a book, as well, for FT press that sounds like it will be interesting.

What would you say to our french community managers community?
The same thing I would say to the English community administrators! :) Know who you are and who you want to be and vigorously pursue that. It’s not about pleasing everyone, it’s not about being loved; it’s about accomplishing goals and catering to your audience.

Think about the people who lead the most successful companies in the world, the most successful ventures, organizations and teams and how they usually have at least some controversy surrounding them and/or a reasonable amount of people that hate them and make a life out of criticizing them. This is seldom because they are overtly doing wrong. Steve Jobs said something very apt and I’d like to share it.

« Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. »

Patrick O’Keefe :
- Owner, iFroggy Network –
- Author, « Managing Online Forums » –
- Pour acheter son livre :
- Twitter –

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17 Commentaires sur “Patrick O’Keefe, auteur de Managing online forums : « A successfull community creates values »”

  • Thanks so much for having me, Dominique. I really appreciate all of your support.


  • J’ai justement acheté son livre il y a quelques semaines, et commencé à le lire la semaine dernière. J’y retrouve beaucoup de ma propre expérience, ce qui me rassure énormément ! Un admin de forum se sent parfois un peu seul à la barre (même avec une équipe de modos)…
    J’y trouve aussi une liste hyper complète de sujets de réflexion. Les sujets dont je me suis déjà occupés, ceux que j’ai mis de côté et sur lesquels j’obtiens ainsi un nouvel éclairage, et puis quelques sujets auxquels je n’avais pas pensé, ou que j’avais négligés.
    Bref, une mine de conseils pratiques.

    La seule chose qui m’étonne un peu est quand même que l’admin n’est pas forcément impliqué par le thème du forum. Et j’ai ainsi l’impression que Patrick a vraiment construit un job sur la création de nombreux forums, et qu’il doit avoir du mal à suivre réellement ce qui s’y passe. Tout en restant très humain malgré tout ! cela reste un peu mystérieux pour moi.

  • Thanks for the comment, Oelita. :) I appreciate you picking up the book and I am glad that you found it useful! That means a lot to me.

    Google Translate was a little sketchier on the rest of your comment. It seems like it might have something to do with running a lot of forums, but still being human? Is that accurate? I wanted to try to reply. :)



  • Thanks for wanting to reply, Patrick ! I should have tried to reply in english as it was the interview language :-)
    My last part was double :
    - Yes, you seem to run a lot of forums, how do you manage to still be « human » in doing this (keeping focus, responding… caring about everyone.. well, probably not everyone, but still many people) ? it appears you do succeed in doing this, I’m impressed !
    - I was rather surprised reading that a community manager doesn’t have to be passionnate about the community theme, but only about the community itself. Starting a forum that way must be more difficult ? How to motivate people and attract them if you can’t really share much with them about the theme you chose ? I guess this is far easier if the community already exists, though.

  • Hey Oelita,

    Thanks for the reply. :) My pleasure and no worries. You’re the one doing the right thing – it is a French blog, I’m just a visitor. :)

    With regard to being human, I think you just have to tackle things as they come. You have to not try to get overwhelmed. Develop a routine and stick to it. I respond to all messages that are directed at me, but I don’t read all posts made on the forums, of course. I try to read a sampling. I guess the key to being human is just being fair and honest and that’s what I try to do (good or bad).

    About passion, it can be harder, yes, but I don’t view it as terribly difficult if you are passionate about the community. My point was really this: if you don’t know the subject, but you are passionate about running the community – you are better equipped to manage the site than someone who is passionate about the subject, but not about the nitty gritty of community management. I run one of the biggest martial arts communities and I’ve never taken a martial art. I love the community, I love the people and I work hard. At the end of the day, those things matter so much more. :)

    I hope that this makes sense.

    Thanks again,


  • Yes, it really makes sense, Patrick, thanks.

    A routine is really a good thing to organize, you’re right. Personal guidelines !

    Your second point makes it clearer for me : I agree that passion (and experience) in managing the community is more important than passion for the subject. Being too passionate can even cause some harm, in fact (non respect of guidelines, very subjective decisions… ).


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